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Our history & values

In 2016, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs saw an opportunity to document the open practices and principles they used during customer engagements, thus was born the Open Practice Library. That vision turned into a website of DevOps and product development practices for running workshops and learning about the discovery and delivery of software.

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We are here to be friends with and make connections for the Open Practice Library community.
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We strive to provide expertise and advice that will seamlessly fit into our users' work life.
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We will venture into the unknown and share experiments that will drive innovation of the library.

Fast forward through a few iterations and to the present day, the library has grown quite a bit in its strategy and approach to include the above core values. The product vision has evolved to adopt a value proposition with inclusion for a broader cross-functional community.

Our product team

The 2020 pandemic led to forming a small Global remote product team for improving the library and delivering upon the growth strategy. This cross-functional group included product management, product design, and engineering to bring a balanced approach for continuous discovery and continuous delivery.

There was a focus on bringing the team together culturally and using various activities for getting to know one another. To align with a process that meets the most user needs the team based discovery practices on human-centered design methodologies with regular user feedback cycles for informing design and product decision making.

The development approach included pulling from open source technology, middleware, test-driven, Agile, devops.

Community Driven

This project relies on an active and involved community, and we really appreciate your support. To date we currently have:

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