Move past the buzzwords to deliver real business value, quickly

The Open Practice Library is an open source, community-driven, and community-inspired library of best practices and tools that help individuals, teams and entire businesses figure out the best way to get to the best outcome. That can mean a lot of things to alot of different kinds of people. And the Open Practice Library can help all of them.

A product owner who needs to build the right thing, the right way.

A team lead who wants to get everyone’s input toward and aligned to the same goal.

A stakeholder who needs a roadmap to deliver metrics-based business outcomes.

For everyone, these practices are created, tested and shared by the people who use them day-to-day. The practices are for the people looking to be inspired with new ideas to create better experiences. And anyone who wants to find innovative, proven ways to solve their challenges, big and small.

Start with understanding how the practices are organized:


All of the practices in this library can be mapped to the Mobius Loop - a navigator created by an open source community that generates a continuous flow of innovation from discovery, to design, to delivery.

Practices can be mapped to one of three parts of the loop:

  • Discovery - practices to help define target outcomes. Learn who are the target customers and what do they need.
  • Options - practices to help identify the path to the right outcomes. Learn how you will achieve those outcomes.
  • Delivery - practices to put your ideas to the test. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

In addition to this framework, we have found that cultural practices and technical practices – captured in the foundational layer – accelerate and maximize the use of the Mobius Loop.

You can learn more about this library and how you can start your journey using these open practices here, or jump right in below.

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The Discovery loop starts with the current as-is state. Practices on this loop lead to answering questions such as Why are you doing this? What problems are you trying to solve, and for whom? How will you measure the Outcomes?

Options Pivot

The Options Pivot explores how you will deliver the outcomes. What are the different options? What do you need to make this happen?


The Delivery Loop focuses on delivering options and getting feedback from the stakeholders. What was measured impact? What did you learn?


The Foundation focuses on creating a team culture, an environment of collaboration and technical engineering practices. These support fast and iterative journeys through the discovery and delivery loops. Without the foundation teams cannot reach sustainable continuous delivery.