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The Mobius Loop

An iterative process model for rapidly developing digital products.

The Open Practice Library is organized around this model.

The buttons below will show you practices that fall on the relevant part of the loop.


The ultimate brainstorming exercise!

6 Dimensions of Discovery

Gather, document, sort and prioritise our challenges and bright spots across 6 dimensions.

AEIOU Observation Framework

A heuristic framework used for ethnographic observations.

Affinity Mapping

Identify insights, patterns and trends in research and ideas

Agile Agenda

A flexible way to manage the agenda for an in-person workshop.

Agile Health Check

Work in a team we've dreamed of


Cloud native applications reacting to demand.

Backcasting / Pre-mortem (Premortem)

Performing a project or product premortem

Backlog Refinement

Determine addition information and prioritization for existing backlog items

Blue Green Deployments

Always have a fall back solution


Visualisation of work left to do within a specified time period

Business Priorities Exercise

Business Priorities

Canary Release

Exposing a small number of real users to a new version

Candy or Swag?

Demonstrate the value of open organization principles like collaboration and transparency

Celebrating failure

Raise the team's collective awareness of product failure root causes

Code Review

Also a review on the developer's ego

Cohort Analysis

Which group are you in?

Confidence Voting

Gains consensus around a team's agreement or disagreement on the current activity, event or questions


A software package that contains everything the software needs to run.

Continuous Delivery

Automated testing and releasing of software.

Continuous Deployment

Deploying changes more frequently to get faster end-user feedback.

Continuous Integration

Automated code merge and build upon a team member's contribution.

Contract-First Development

Make it clear for everyone

Crazy 8s

A fast sketching exercise to generate solution ideas

Daily Standup

A short time-boxed synchronization of the team activities that occurs in a cadence determined by the team

Dark Launches

Letting a small group of interested users test features before others

Lightning Decision Jam

A workshop to solve any problem, with any amount of people

Definition of Done

Shared knowledge and understanding regarding what it means for a work item to be done by a team

Definition of Ready

Shared knowledge regarding what it means for a work item to be ready to be worked on

Design of Experiments

Learn Fast, Move Even Faster

Design Sprint

Google Design Sprint

Design The Box

From ideas to essential features and outcomes

Domain Storytelling

Learn domain language. Talk about requirements. Tell domain stories.

Empathy Mapping

A collaborative tool for gaining insight about humans (customers, users, stakeholders, etc.).

Establish Shared Principles

Principles Over Practices

Event Modeling

To model Event-Driven Software Systems

Event Storming

A rapid, interactive approach to business process discovery and design that yields high quality models


Save everything as code - configuration, infrastructure and pipelines

Example Mapping

Involving stakeholders in defining acceptance criteria

Feature Toggles

AKA Feature Flags/Bits/Flipping/Controls

Force Field Analysis - Force Field Map

Understanding change/goals

Funnel Analysis

Go all the way ... through the funnel

GROW Model for 1-2-1 Coaching

The purpose of coaching is to unlock people's potential to maximise their performance, facilitate personal and professional development . Here's a tool to structure your coaching interaction.

Heuristic Evaluation

Provide expert review of UX designs

How Might We _____ ?

Turning insights into questions that spur creative solutioning

How-Now-Wow Prioritization (Matrix)

Experiments Prioritization

"I Have a Dream"

Build deeper team relationships

Impact & Effort Prioritization (Matrix)

Prioritization of Experiments

Impact Mapping

An engaging, graphical, strategic planning technique

Iteration (Sprint) Planning

A collaborative meeting, where the Product Owner together with the team define the work and effort required to meet the Iteration (Sprint) goal.

Kanban Picture

The Kanban Picture suggests a "work dynamic" for teams starting with the Kanban Method.


Visualized workflow management method to maximize efficiency and become more agile.

Kano Model

Easily visualize and explain the impact and priority of different features

Leaders Eat Last

Build trust between leaders and teams

Lean Canvas

A 1-page business plan template to help you focus on problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages.

Lean Coffee

Democratically generated agendas for more valuable conversations

Lean Inception

how to align people and build the right product via the MVP

Lean UX Workshop

Solve real problems for real users

Lean Value Tree

A simple tool to align people and initiatives across all levels of the business

Limit Work in Progress

Pipes that aren't clogged increase the flow through the system

Manage Flow

Optimize the processing work items


Generate positive emotions for the team and help to develop an empathetic mindset towards team members

Metrics-Based Process Mapping

Map your process in detail with this practice and collect some key metrics

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

MVP/ETP - Develop, Get feedback, Repeat

Mob Programming

Like pair programming but with the whole team

Moving Motivators

Uncover what motivates your colleagues and yourself

Network Mapping

Build a network of relationships in your organization or team

News Headlines aka Cover Story

From idea to essential product features and outcomes

Non-Functional Requirements Map

A collaborative approach for capturing non-functional requirements


Practice destroying and re-creating your applications

One Minute Mindfulness

Calm the mind and body to help team members manage stress levels

Open Leadership Mindset

A specific fusion of behaviors and mindsets characterizes the next generation of leaders.

Opportunity Solution Tree

Show how your product solutions map back to a desired outcome

Pair programming

Increasing the knowledge sharing and communication between team members

Parking Lot (Car Park)

A visible area to help track important items, ideas, questions, and issues that may not be important to discuss at the time, but the group does wish to discuss later.

Ping-Pong Programming

Where Pair Programming meets TDD

Plus, Minus, Interesting (PMI +-?)

A quick team retrospective, or way to evaluate ideas

Priority Sliders

Facilitate conversations about relative priorities to focus upcoming activities


Define your target users

Quote Wall

A collection of quotes or phrases captured from the team that may be motivational, inspiring, or down-right hilarious!

Realtime Retrospective

Getting feedback faster and improving the overall experience of your event.

Relative Sizing

Facilitate conversation and gain shared alignment on sizing of complexity and value


Reflect, inspect and adapt ways of working to drive continuous team improvement

Risk Management

Identify potential problems that might occur during the course of your project and identify ways of avoiding them. Risks, which are occurring, will become issues.

Service Blueprint

A business process diagram analyzed from the people perspective.


An event to demonstrate and show the outputs and outcomes of a team's work over a recent time period

Social Contract

Build a constructive, fun team culture

Split Testing - A/B Testing

Quantitative testing of two alternative designs to learn which better leads to a specific goal

Split Testing - Multivari Testing

Quantitatively test how multiple factors influence the success of a design

Stakeholder Map

Create a stakeholders map to build a communication plan

Start At The End

Describe what success looks like and use this to define the goal of effort

Start With Why

Connect to your purpose

Stop the World Event

Empower team members to stop everything when they feel engagement is off course

Story Kick-offs

The act of explaining a story to the pair of developers right before they pick it up.

Story RePointing

Improve Story Pointing over time

System Diagram

A method for describing a system at the highest level possible

Systemic Consensing

How to find minimal viable decisions in a group

T2R2 - Talk, type, read, review!

An online meeting method

Target Outcomes

Capture and articulate the goals and outcomes a team are striving to deliver

Team Sentiment

Track the mood of a team with visible feedback

Team Workspaces

How to create the right workspace(s) for high-performing teams

Technical Debt

What is it and how do we manage it?

Test automation

Shortening the feedback loop and increasing the quality of code.

Test Driven Development

Improving your software in short development cycles.

The Art Gallery

A collection of doodles that are captured from the team

The Big Picture

A simple workshop for getting shared understanding in a complex space

The Matrix of Principles

A reflection tool to capture how stakeholders understand Deming's 14 Management Principles.

Tribute Wall

Share and spread feedback to the whole team.

UI Design Workshop

Quickly sketch rough ideas for the user interface.

Usability Testing

Observe and learn from real users

User Story Mapping & Value Slicing

Create lightweight release plans by slicing value out of collections of features

Unicorn, Skunk, Rat (USR)

Ensure your meeting/workshop stays on track

Visualisation of Work

Visually represent all aspects of your team's work

Value Stream Mapping

Visual Representation of how Value flows through your system and identify metrics to inform improvement decisions.

Whole Product Plotting

A visual approach for scoping the most important features of a product/service.

Yes! And...

Improvise to create more good ideas, and build strong team work skills.

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