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Matt Napiorkowski

Published May 17, 2022

What Is 1-2-4-All?

1-2-4-All is a method for engaging all members of a large group simultaneously to generate ideas together.

This method is highly scalable and can be used for almost any group size.

Why Do 1-2-4-All?

  • All voices are heard, incorporating “silent” conversations and expanding input diversity - No more HiPPOs (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion)!
  • Broad engagement naturally improves consensus and shared understanding
  • Iterative feedback improves outcomes

How to do 1-2-4-All?

  1. The facilitator asks a question about an issue, problem to resolve, or a proposal to put forward (e.g., What opportunities do YOU see for making progress on this challenge? How would you handle this situation? What ideas or actions do you recommend?)
  2. Individuals self-reflect on the shared challenge [1 min.]
  3. Individuals pair up to generate ideas in pairs, building on ideas from self-reflection. [2 min.]
  4. Pairs group into foursomes to share and develop ideas from each pair. [4 min.]
  5. Repeat cycle as needed.
  6. The facilitator pulls the entire group together to share and develop a common idea. [5 min.]

image: Nadia von Holzen

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