Lean Inception

how to align people and build the right product via the MVP
Contributed by

Paulo Caroli

Fabio Pereira

Published June 10, 2020

What Is Lean Inception?

Lean inception is the effective combination of Design Thinking and Lean StartUp to decide the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It is a collaborative workshop that will help a group of people — typically an agile team, a squad, or a product team — understand, align and plan the building of the lean product. The construction of a successful product starts with a Lean Inception.

Why Do Lean Inception?

Because, in the end, you’ll know what is the best way to validate the product to be developed, as such the hypothesis to be tested and goals to be reached.

However, the Lean Inception biggest benefit starts on its first minute: the improvement of the team relationship.

How to do Lean Inception?

The Lean Inception consists in a series of activities, usually scheduled in a week! Check below an example of an agenda and read the explanation and benefit of each step on the book.

Look at Lean Inception

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