Target Outcomes

Capture and articulate the goals and outcomes a team are striving to deliver
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Tim Beattie

Jonathan Johnston

Published September 09, 2018

What Is Target Outcomes?

  • A tool to capture and articulate the goals and outcomes a team are striving to deliver.

  • Can include customer (end user) based outcomes as well as business and capability based outcomes.

  • Often harnesses and summarises the findings and learnings from other Discovery practices into a finite set of statements that can be publicly displayed for team and stakeholders to regularly reference.

Why Do Target Outcomes?

  • Helps achieve alignment and focus across stakeholder groups and team members.

  • Helps focus on achieving measurable customer and business outcomes / impacts as opposed to purely outputs.

  • Provides a visual reminder to all on the current outcomes of focus and can be used to help with prioritisation / filtering of upcoming work items.

How to do Target Outcomes?

  • Prepare in advance a template on a whiteboard tool with title and steps and be crystal clear about what you expect providing examples
  • Use the timer visible to all attendees
  • Start with the Start At The End practice and apply the Affinity Mapping practice to group topics
  • At the end you can review the Target Outcomes of your initiative and write a SMART GOAL that can become the starting point of Impact Map or the Open Decision Tree

Tips for Remote Working

  • Remote facilitation doesn’t differ much from the face to face, but you need to be more clear on the preparation of the draft Target outcome prepared before the working session is starting, by your Product Owner

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