Whole Product Plotting

A visual approach for scoping the most important features of a product/service.
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Val Yonchev

Published November 08, 2018

What Is Whole Product Plotting?

A visual approach for scoping the most important features of a product/service. It is a drawing of multiple concentric circles, each of which represents an additional layer of details for the product/service. At the core are the generic product/service characteristics (features), followed by minimal conditions circle (must haves), an augmented product circle, a potential circle (differentiations and customer retention features) and additional circles if required.

Why Do Whole Product Plotting?

  • Opens up the product development for the whole team
  • Identifies what matters and get everyone on the team to understand the design and prioritisation of features
  • Provides transparency in prioritisation and strategy/vision alignment
  • Helps move the focus on the important / differentiating features
  • When used for existing products/services allows for uncovering options for pivoting

How to do Whole Product Plotting?

  • This practice could be used in combination with practices as Impact Mapping, Lean Canvas, Value Proposition in order to build a vision for a product/service and translate that vision into actionable and prioritized set of features.
  • The output from the practice may invoke User Research, Usability Reviews (for existing products/services)
  • It can also serve as prioritisation tool for the Product Backlog

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