Where to Start

Solve the problem of choosing properly which product should be treated in a digital transformation journey
Contributed by

Luiz Henrique de Sousa Ribas

Jorge Galdino

Published April 23, 2021

What Is Where to Start?

This practice focus on helping people to unveil the most complex systems and processes that are urging to be affected by transformational work in an organization, with the purpose of strengthen and diffuse accross the organization the knowledge of Design Thinking, Agile and DevOps culture.

  • It is a tool that facilitates conversations about relative priorities;
  • Focuses the team on defining which system should be approached first in a transformational journey;
  • Clarifies the importance of the systems chosen across all the teams involved;
  • An exercise that increases team autonomy;
  • A practice that breaks the integration silos between the teams, bringing the sense of belonging to a digital transformation journey in the organization;

Why Do Where to Start?

Many organizations have extraordinary difficulty discovering where to start a digital transformational journey, the complexity of such initiative creates a huge dilemma for these organizations.

The longer the company takes time to look ahead, will further the path be from its transformation?

In a digital transformation, people are the most crucial element, and empower them is key to success. They know everything about their business and the better path for the organization.

The Where To Start is a practice with focus on people and their ability to express their feelings about the processes, with a disruptive approach to encourage participants to work together towards a new path of success.

How to do Where to Start?

Participants should focus on answering key questions that will help better address the points of cultural and digital transformation:

  • How is your operation?
  • What is the value of this system or process?
  • What is your pain?
  • What is your strategy?
  1. We start the practice with relative priorities and concentrating the team's focus on defining which system should be approached first in a transformational journey;
  2. Using sticky notes, everyone should work together to visualize how the operation is performed amongst users, systems, and the process involved;
  3. For each system, list the value obtained, the pain points, and the desires in improving each system or process - raised in the design of the process;
  4. Finally, participants should distribute these improvements in an estimated timeline and prioritize the most important ones.

Optional: Practices such as Priority Slides can be used to prioritize improvements to the systems or processes to be focused on the timeline.

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