Empathy Mapping

A tool to capture and visualise what key stakeholders are sensing in a particular context

discovery-loop-why loop position

No. People



15 minutes




Facilitator, Development Team, User/Stakeholder

What is it?

  • A tool to capture and visualise what key stakeholders are sensing when in a particular context or completing a set of tasks.
  • A way to form a better understanding of users and build personas
  • The information is captured directly from interviews, observation and other facilitated conversation exercises.
  • Senses captured can include what the person is seeing, thinking, doing and feeling with information captured on a big visible chart.

Why use it?

  • Captures information and learning directly from the end user affected by the system/application/solution in question.
  • Enables a direct connection between important stakeholders and developers (for example, developers of an application can learn directly from end users using it).
  • A tool to identify pain points, opportunities and starts to form a basis for improvement and optimisation.
  • An excellent tool to move from user empathy to value propositions - Dave Gray has integrated Alex Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Canvas in the latest version of the Empathy Map


The Empathy map has been created as a practice by Dave Gray of XPLANE

Further Information

Dave Gray’s explanation of Empathy Mapping on Gamestorming.com

What is an Empathy Map? by SolutionsIQ

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