Agile Agenda

A flexible way to manage the agenda for an in-person workshop.

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What is it?

The Agile Agenda is a simple yet effective way to manage the agenda for an in-person workshop using sticky notes and a whiteboard. The basic idea is to draw a days calendar on a whiteboard, then split it into two or more tracks. After that, write agenda items on sticky notes (with owners!) and then place them on the whiteboard in the correct time slot. Review your agenda in the morning, and then come back to it throughout the day, updating it as needed. It should look something like this:

agile agenda

Why use an Agile Agenda?

  • Sessions like event storming or user story mapping don’t neatly fit into time boxes. Therefore you need to manage dynamically your agenda.
  • Whiteboards and sticky notes are easier to change than digital agendas which might need some formatting or even have access issues.
  • It works as an Information Radiator1 throughout the workshop, making it a logical area to gather the team to review the agenda as well as do time checks. Compare this to an agenda captured in a slide deck, which doesn’t naturally lead to a team huddle.
  • Collaborative Face Drawing2 is a great ice breaker or after lunch activity. Your agile agenda can be a nice home for the faces once the activity is over as seen below:

agenda with faces

Facilitation Materials Needed

  • Whiteboard that can hold sticky notes.
  • Whiteboard markers.
  • Sticky notes (preferably a wide variety).

External References

  1. Information Radiator on
  2. Collaborative Face Drawing.
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