One Minute Mindfulness

Calm the mind and body to help team members manage stress levels
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Attila Farkas

Published March 19, 2020

What Is One Minute Mindfulness?

We live in a fast paced world. We can all benefit from incorporating stress reduction into our daily routine in order to nurture and encourage our well-being. Having just sixty seconds of mindful breathing exercise per day may boost our physical and mental energy. One minute mindfulness is a micro-habit to develop an empathetic mindset. It can be easily integrated into scrum practices, we already have time and place for it at every start of daily stand-ups.

Why Do One Minute Mindfulness?

Agile software development can be exacting, and stressed people tend to share their worst ideas. The benefit of this practice is to calm the mind and body to help team members manage stress levels. What’s more, mindfulness meditation enhances creativity and innovation.

How to do One Minute Mindfulness?

  1. Invite the team for a minute of relaxation.
  2. Make sure everyone is seated comfortably.
  3. Set a timer for one minute.
  4. Ask participants to close their eyes and focus on their breath; have them inhale through their nose and exhale through their mouth slowly.
  5. Start the timer and enjoy the exercise.
  6. When the minute is over, carry on with your sprint ceremonies.

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