Tribute Wall

Share and spread feedback to the whole team.
Contributed by

Jonas Frydal

Published December 21, 2018

What Is Tribute Wall?

A simple and powerful way to share and spread feedback to the whole team.

Why Do Tribute Wall?

Product Owners, UX-designers, BA's and other persons who have contact with stakeholders and users get a lot of first-hand feedback.

This feedback should not stop there as it's really the team that have delivered the product, hence they should see all the great feedback coming in.

It's a way to empower the team as they become aware of the impact their work has.

How to do Tribute Wall?

Add "Tribute Wall" with big letters on an empty wall space or board. Write down feedback quotes on sticky notes, collect them from emails or memory. All team members adds feedback to the wall!

Continue to add quotes as they come in, you can also ask users and stakeholders that visits the team to add their own.

All feedback that's not directed to a specific person but to the product, way of working or the team belongs on the tribute wall.

Look at Tribute Wall

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