Team Identity

Converting groups of individuals into high performing teams
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Roman Martin

Jorge Tudela

Published February 20, 2023

What Is Team Identity?

Team Identity refers to the shared sense of belonging and commitment that team members have towards each other and the team as a whole. It’s a feeling of being part of something larger than oneself and a willingness to work towards common goals.

Why Do Team Identity?

Building Team Identity is critical for the success of any team and it can be achieved through a number of practices and principles, such as:

  • Common purpose and goals
  • Trust and communication
  • Shared values and beliefs
  • Collective accountability
  • Celebrate successes together
  • Enable psychological safety environment

How to do Team Identity?

This is a process that requires intentional effort and ongoing commitment from all team members. Some of the following artifacts and practices could help building the Team Identity and reinforce the team’s purpose, values, and culture:

  • Team Name
  • Team Logo
  • Team rituals (e.g: social events or team building activities)
  • Team swag! (e.g: Usually a t-shirt or hoodie with the team logo)
  • Team workspace
  • Common mission statement
  • Social Contract

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