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Have the whole team deliver current, useful, documentation using the minimum of effort
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Published July 22, 2021

What Is Docs As Code?

Docs As Code (also known as “Docs Like Code”) is a popular approach to delivering documentation for software projects.

There are three common themes that you can expect to see.

  1. Adopt an “agile” approach to content creation, namely
  2. The whole team is responsible for content
  3. Be adaptive and improve both your content, and your process, over time.

Tools and processes will need to be adapted for your project (and then adapted again for the project after that).

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Why Do Docs As Code?

  1. Deliver valuable documentation faster with higher quality (multiple voices, collaboration)
  2. Stop documentation being a bottleneck in the release cycle
  3. Release technical writers to deliver higher value content (information architecture, customer experience, ....)
  4. Remove need for proprietary technical writing tools

How to do Docs As Code?

Use developer tools, and process, to create and deliver content. Specifically:

  1. Text based file content with embedded, lightweight, markup tags
  2. Developer based workflows. For example:
    1. Version Control using tools such as Git
    2. Change control driven though bugs and feature requests tickets
    3. Content reviews and merges
  3. Machine generated content
  4. Automated testing and verification
  5. Rapid online publication using web pages (using static site generators) or wikis. For example Sphinx or Hugo.

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