Yes! And...

Improvise to create more good ideas, and build strong team work skills.
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Donna Benjamin

Published January 10, 2020

What Is Yes! And...?

An exercise to promote good team practice for generating lots of quality ideas.

Why Do Yes! And...?

Often when presented with a new idea, or suggestion, our natural response is to critique that idea, to review, refine, or reject it. "Yes! And… " encourages people to accept the idea as it is, and build upon it. It can be reviewed, and refined later, and compared or combined with other ideas generated during the session.

The “Yes! And…” improv principle helps teams build on other people’s ideas.

We accept ideas without judgement. Ideas are considered as stepping stones, not judged or rejected as final products.

How to do Yes! And...?

Break the group into small teams of 4–6 people. The challenge: plan a party to celebrate last quarter’s achievements.

Round 1: Everyone shares an idea (one-at-a-time). Every time one person shares an idea, someone else replies: “No, what we need to do is…” and explains the alternative idea.

Round 2: Same approach. This time, the response is “Yes, but…” Everyone presents an objection and then shares their idea.

Round 3: Finally, you bring up the “Yes, and…” approach. People need to build on other’s ideas by replying “yes, and we can also…”


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