Value Stream & Process Mapping

Techniques for process improvement

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BAs, Directors, Architects and the Team

What is it?

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Metrics-Based Process Mapping (MBPM) are third generation lean process improvement techniques, optimized for an extended organizational transformation effort. They work in tandem, where VSM is designed to view the big, macro picture and make strategic decisions with executives, and MBPM is designed to view the detailed, micro picture and make tactical improvements with front line workers. The first generation of these techniques comes from Toyota’s “information and material flow” (as documented in Lean Thinking1 and the second generation from Learning to See2.

Why use VSM & MBPM?

In the context of software delivery, VSM & MBPM are excellent tools to holistically analyze and optimize “brownfield” delivery processes, including everything from requirements definition, infrastructure provisioning and application development.

Being derived from Lean Manufacturing, VSM & MBPM visually represent the way work flows through an organization, at both a macro and micro level, from the time a customer requests a good/service, until the time a customer receives the good/service. When used together, these tools are particularly effective at:

  • Building shared understanding throughout the various levels of an organization on how work is actually done
  • Creating the urgency for improvement
  • Formulating specific, data driven improvement plans
  • Preventing “improvement” work in a particular area that leads to sub-optimization for the entire value stream / process

Facilitation Materials Needed

Some teams prefer whiteboards, but the most common approach uses paper and PostIts

  • Drawing paper roll3.
  • Different colored wide format sticky notes like the 4x6 sticky notes4
  • Markers for the PostIts
  • Charcoal pencil and eraser5 to draw lines between PostIts
  • For MBPM; chalk line can be useful, but not required

How does it fit?

Both VSM & MBPM document a current state map, and then design a future state map for subsequent implementation.

  • The current state map is typically done in the Why area of the Discovery of the Open Practice Library.
  • The future state map is typically done as part of the Outcomes area of the Discoery of the Open Practice Library.

Additional Resources

Start With

  • Webinar and Slides from Karen Martin’s Value Stream Mapping and Process Mapping: When to Use Each

VSM Specific Resources

MBPM Specific Resources

External References

  1. Lean Thinking
  2. Learning to See
  3. Drawing Paper example
  4. 4x6 sticky notes example
  5. charcoal pencil and eraser example
  6. Double Diamond design model
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