Agile Health Check

A quick team assessment based on agile manifesto principles
Contributed by

Nick Woods

Published December 04, 2019

What Is Agile Health Check?

A team evaluation of how to get better based on agile principles.

Why Do Agile Health Check?

In running this Health Check through as a team, it's possible to align on how a team individually and collectively would like to work.

Doing this explicitly, making it tangible and actionable will empower a team to make or drive improvements themselves and can supplement or theme their retrospectives.

How to do Agile Health Check?

Ask the team to describe how they would see things working in their ecosystem if a principle was as great as possible and as terrible as it could be, principle by principle. If the team wishes they can amend or summarise principles based on their context.

Place this on a 1 to 10 scale and get individuals in the team to dot vote on where they see the team operating currently. The score is the median of the dots on each item, but don’t ignore outliers, they should be discussed.

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