Opportunity Solution Tree

Find the best place to focus your team's energy

discovery-loop-outcomes loop position

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30-90 min




Product Manager/Owner, Tech Lead, Design Lead

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What is it?

An Opportunity Solution Trees is a visual aid that can help you find the best place to focus your team’s energies, whilst ensuring you consider enough opportunities. Opportunity solution trees bring transparency to the process and get the whole team to buy into the decisions being made and the solutions being tested.

Why use it?

This practice is a great way to ensure a product team is taking the time to prioritize user needs and generate enough solutions to needs to broaden the potential for finding the best idea. Often times, a team generates a solution and begins development right away without considering whether a solution is a good one. But “good” is a relative term, so ideally teams should be generating a myriad of product solutions in order to compare and contrast and allow the best option to emerge.

An Opportunity Solution Tree can be used at any point in the product lifecycle, from the beginning of a green field product to introducing it as means to drive iterative development of a mature product.

Overview of Steps

  1. Have the Product Manager pick a desired outcome
  2. Generate opportunities for achieving the desired outcome (then discuss as a team)
  3. Brainstorm solutions to specific opportunities (then discuss as a team)
  4. Have the team vote on the solutions with the most potential for success
  5. Create Experiments for the top 3 solution ideas

Further Information

  1. Writeup and conference talk from Teresa Torres, the creator of the Opportunity Solution Tree
  2. Quick step-by-step walkthrough of the process with visual examples
  3. Deep-dive into the history and process of the Opportunity Solution Tree
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