GROW Model for 1-2-1 Coaching

The purpose of coaching is to unlock people's potential to maximise their performance, facilitate personal and professional development . Here's a tool to structure your coaching interaction.

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No. People



30-45-60 mins




Any individual who wants to change, or improve: personal and professional performance and effectiveness, skills, competencies, behaviours, mindset, ways of working etc

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What is it?

As per International Coach Federation (ICF) (Professional) coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

GROW is a framework created and evolved by Sir John Whitmore for structuring your coaching conversations

While coaching is a specialised competency you don’t have to wait to become a certified coach to help your direct reports, project members, peers etc to improve their performance, skills, attitudes or behaviors.

GROW is an acronym for:

G - Goals , objectives, desires or aspirations

R - Reality - current situation, challenges, roadblocks, efforts taken, people involved etc

O- Options, Opportunities, possibilities, available resources, influencers

W - Way forward, will , actions, commitment and accountability

Remember as Coach you must be skilled at the following :

- Building Trust and psychological safety

- Listening actively

- Asking effective questions

- Suspending judgement

Why use it?

GROW coaching model helps manage time effectively by providing a structure for a focussed coaching conversation. It is an effective model to hold coaching conversations to help “coachee” solve problems, set goals and improve performance.

Further Information

Learn more about GROW here

ICF Core competencies for coaching :

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