Non-Functional Requirements Map

A collaborative approach for capturing non-functional requirements
Contributed by

Adam Clark

Published June 29, 2020

What Is Non-Functional Requirements Map?

The Non-Functional Requirements Map is a tool to capture and articulate the non-functional requirements of a solution that a team is striving to deliver. It aims to elaborate non-functional areas that are unlikely to be captured using practices primarily focused on functional aspects of a solution.

Non-functional requirements are broken down into areas represented by each segment on the canvas which are examined and populated in turn as a group.

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Findings and learnings from other Discovery practices can be input into this practice if appropriate.

Why Do Non-Functional Requirements Map?

To gain a shared understanding of non-functional aspects of a system in a visually structured representation. On completion you should have a good view on the key non-functional considerations for the solution and where work is required to realise these.

How to do Non-Functional Requirements Map?

  1. Ensure that everyone participating is comfortable with the headings and what they mean.
  2. For each heading capture important considerations or requirements for the system or solution and add stickies for each item. Depending on the number of participants, you could use facilitation techniques such as 1-2-4-all or splitting into smaller groups to capture items.
  3. For each heading playback the stickies as a group.
  4. During the playback think about whether each sticky should be:
    • An item added to the backlog and prioritised as it requires work to realise.
    • An item that should be included in the Definition of Done for other backlog items.
    • Part of the acceptance criteria for other backlog items.

Facilitation Materials Needed

Digital Variation:

  • An online whiteboard (such as Miro) with a canvas created for the Non-Functional Requirements Map

Physical Variation:

  • A large whiteboard or writable wall space * Whiteboard markers * Stickies

Tips for Remote Sessions

You should follow the general guidance in Facilitation Tips for Remote Sessions. There are no specific considerations for this practice.

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