Definition of Done

Shared knowledge and understanding of what it means for a work item to be done by a team
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Matt Takane

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Published August 29, 2018

What Is Definition of Done?

  • Criteria agreed across the team and shared with others that should be met before any work items is considered complete by any team member.
  • Collaboratively created, maintained and enforced criteria by the team.
  • A place where non-functional and functional work that should be performed for each and every work item can be managed.

Why Do Definition of Done?

  • Aligns understanding and shared expectations across stakeholder groups on, for example, quality, assurance and documentation activities being performed throughout delivery.
  • Drives quality into products being built incrementally.

How to do Definition of Done?

Tips for Remote Working

  • It is reasonably easy to find an agreement on both definition of ready and done remotely.
  • One person can be a facilitator writing it based on everyone's input or everyone can co-edit.
  • Use virtual white-boarding tool and use techniques such as "roman voting" or adding a sticky w/name to gain consensus.

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