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Find and share inspiration for solutions, features, and/or design elements
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Jerry Becker

Darcie Fitzpatrick

Published June 02, 2021

What Is Mood Board?

The Mood Board is a collaborative practice to take time to discover and share inspiration for product solutions, features, and/or design elements. Team members take time to go search for ideas of what a solution might look like, then share those ideas and what they like about each one with the rest of the team.

Why Do Mood Board?

Mood Boards are a great way to find inspiration for your product. They can be used to find existing solutions to problems you're aiming to solve or specific features or design elements you think would be a great fit for your product. In giving all team members time to go out and explore existing solutions, it helps provide creativity and direction for the team, as well as specific design elements for your Product Designers to consider when either building a rapid prototype or new A/B test. Sharing ideas in this way helps speed up the process of what your solution should look like, decreasing the time it takes to design and test new ideas.

How to do Mood Board?


  • Create a board/space in your favorite online collaboration tool for members to put screenshots of their ideas. You can use Miro or Mural for this, or you can use moodboard-specific tools like Milanote or InVision


  1. After aligning on a problem to solve or what your solution concept might be, have your product team members individually take 25-30 min to research ideas/products/services for inspiration on the internet.
  2. Copy/paste findings to the board (images, notes...)
  3. Keep an eye on what's being added, this could spark more great ideas!
  4. Play back and capture any big ideas that resonate with the group
  5. If you want to narrow down ideas, implement a round of dot-voting to have people select their favorite ideas/elements

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