T2R2 - Talk, type, read, review!

An online meeting method

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What is it?

T2R2 is an online meeting method that encourages people to participate and respond in real time.

Why use it?

This method helps make sure everyone who has something to contribute gets heard. The final step, review, helps make sure the meeting was meaningful, by creating a summary of the contributions, or identifying decisions or action steps.

How to use it?

Once you’ve posed a question, or started a new topic or agenda item, you ask participants to talk, type, read and review in sequence.

Talk - Invite participants to have a short discussion. Give them the opportunity to clarify the topic, build shared understanding, and get their collective brains in gear.
Type - Next, everyone should respond to the topic in a shared space (jamboard, doc, sheet, slide etc) Private space can work too, but then there needs to be some kind of report back mechanism.
Read - Give people time to read silently, or ask volunteers to read out responses. Encourage questions to clarify or elaborate what’s been shared.
Review - Given what’s been shared, prepare for what’s next, or summarise, cluster around key themes, or identify items to put into action, or decisions to make.

Time box each step and make it clear to all what time they have, and check in to see if people need more time than has been allocated. How much time? Well, that depends on the topic and purpose, but between 2-10 minutes for each step seems to work well for most things.

Further Information

T2R2 is based on the meeting etiquette developed for Zing Technologies Group Decision and Team Learning System.

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