Moving Motivators

Uncover what motivates your colleagues and yourself
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Alexis Monville

Published September 28, 2018

What Is Moving Motivators?

Moving Motivators is a practice to uncover what motivates your colleagues and yourself.

Why Do Moving Motivators?

The practice helps the team members to understand different perspectives.

How to do Moving Motivators?


  • First, download and print the cards that you will find on the Management 3.0 website. You can also buy sets of cards if you prefer.

    • Once you have the cards, play the game alone. That is your training.
  • Sort the cards from left to right. The most important motivation factor is on the left; the less important is on the right.

  • Consider a change in your life and how this change affects your motivation factors. Move the card up if it is a positive effect and down if it is a negative effect.

  • Consider the transformation you would like your team to commit to and look at how it affects your motivators.

Further Information

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