Test automation

Shortening the feedback loop and increasing the quality of code.
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Published April 13, 2021

What Is Test automation?

Test automation allows teams to remove the slow and manual testing cycles related to software development. Test automation can include such things as:

  • Static code analysis
  • Linting
  • Unit tests
  • End-to-end tests
  • Security tests

Why Do Test automation?

  • Increase code quality
  • Faster feedback
  • Standardise approach to testing

How to do Test automation?

These tests are typically executed by a Continuous Integration (CI) tool, for example Jenkins or TravisCI.

Easy and quick tests can be executed right after building (compiling) an application or when code is pushed or merged in source control.

Many of these tests can be run in parallel, decreasing the overall time taken to run a collection of tests.

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