Stakeholders Interview

Help identify concrete objectives, targets and main priority areas
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Published February 09, 2021

What Is Stakeholders Interview?

  • One on one conversation to help better understand what stakeholders want and need from the product. * An opportunity to gather useful information from three main areas, and more for e.g:
    User needs, Business goals and Technical limitations to gather valuable insights.
  • Analyze various viewpoints of perceptions and aspirations of each stakeholder who have a product success interest

** Who: are stakeholders? **

  • Within the organisation, stakeholders are anyone who can offer useful product advice and ultimately help simplify the design process.
  • Stakeholders can be anyone from the organisation, depending on the projects high level employees, lower-level employees or even influential users. The job title varies across various organisations. For e.g: Product Owner, Head of IT, Head of Data, IT Manager, Marketing Manager etc.

Why Do Stakeholders Interview?

  • Better understanding and learning about the product, its vision and context through different lenses.
  • Identifying priorities: helping to identify concrete objectives, targets and identify main priority areas
  • Understanding business requirements, their team and culture
  • Understanding their target market and customer awareness (users)
  • Compile both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Avoid expensive, intense, conventional research time

How to do Stakeholders Interview?

  • Outcome: Align goal with the PO on the purpose and intent of the interview understand the Big WHY

  • Stakeholders Map: Finding the relevant stakeholders is key. Go through stakeholders mapping workshops to understand their role and how they impact certain projects.

  • Prep questions: work collaboratively, categorise with the areas that need further investigation. Helpful practice: Affinity map

  • Logistics: Discuss date, time and environment you will conduct interviews for e.g: face to face, virtual meeting, technologies suitable for both parties and many more.

    Some Helpful Tips:

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