Kanban Priorities

Prioritise tasks on the board before daily standup to facilitate better communication and team work
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Sarah Julia Kriesch

Published October 07, 2021

What Is Kanban Priorities?

The team can be really diverse and you can have also introverted people.

Agile principles can help with daily standups. Some people don't know which tasks should be taken first. Prioritizing in the evening before the next standup can help here.

Why Do Kanban Priorities?

Priorities of tasks can be changed daily with team meetings or finished tasks in neighbor teams. If all tasks in the Kanban board are ordered in the correct priority list in the morning, everybody can see and know the hot topics of the day. So all team members can pick up the tasks in the best possible order. That improves also the team work and the communication between all.

How to do Kanban Priorities?

  • The Product Owner is going through the Kanban board in the evening.
  • The Product Owner has got an eye on what has happened and new priorities.
  • The list of open tasks will be updated daily in the evening with the correct order of hot topics in the Kanban board.
  • Team members are up to date about latest updates of priorities in the morning.
  • Team members know about hot topics of the day and latest updates.
  • Tasks are chosen in the correct order with highest priorities.

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