Daily Standup

A short time-boxed synchronization of the team activities that occurs in a cadence determined by the team
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Published August 10, 2018

What Is Daily Standup?

  • The main point of a daily standup (Daily Scrum) is for the team to better align towards the sprint goal * Teams get together to share transparently the ongoing work and highlight roadblocks/impediments they might be facing * It is a review of the things that were DONE and things we intend to get DONE. * Typically this is achieved by team members answering 3 questions

    1. What did you do yesterday?
    2. What will you do today?
    3. Do you have any blockers or impediments?

Why Do Daily Standup?

  • Provides a quick touchpoint on what is going on with the team * Quick feedback on impediments and keep people honest and transparent * Focus on getting things done rather than what keeps us busy * It is a reinforcement of the goal and direction the team is after and a point of recharging the team with new energy for pursuing the goal

How to do Daily Standup?


  • As mentioned above, the main point of a stand up is alignment. Be careful it doesn't drift into a status update, focus on what those around you need to know and park any conversations not relevant until the end.

Tips for Remote Working

  • Cameras on and everyone contributes. * Use video conference tools. Everyone logs in separately - if a few people are co-located it can be difficult if that group is dialled in together. * Use an online visual timer to keep to the 15 minute timebox for stand-up. The core agenda is:

    1. What I did yesterday
    2. What I am doing today
    3. I have blockers
  • People tend to talk more for socialisation and for status updates, for this reason leave 5 minutes more at the end for these aspects that can be more relevant being distributed * Consider that the team may be distributed across multiple time zones so agree a time that is cognisant if this. * Collectively create a list of topics that need to be discussed after the standup, adding to a blockers board or in the parking lot.

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