Design The Box

From ideas to essential features and outcomes

discovery-loop-outcomes loop position

No. People



30-60 min




Product Owner/Manager, UXD, team members, stakeholders and even real customers

This practice is part of: Product Ownership.

What is it?

This Design Thinking practice is exactly what the title says - the team members have to imagine the box/packaging for a new product. They need to come up with slogans that correspond to the essence of the product/service, highlight the most important valuable features it aims at.

It gets the team to think from a big picture perspective and from the shoes of the potential customers and to start designing a new product/service.

In different formats you may either start with a blank box or provide carton to participants and ask them to design the box in the process.

Why use it?

  • Helps translate vision into a set of characteristics to describe how it would feel and look when achieved
  • It allows to easily articulate the product/service goal
  • Allows the team to think big without the constraints of the present and the context they are in or where they are coming from
  • Serves as a stepping stone to Value Proposition or Lean Canvas by articulating some of the most important use cases, features and benefits.
  • Provides really good input for the goal to be used in Impact Mapping

Why & How to combine it with other practices?

  • This practice is really helpful if you find it hard to articulate the goal during an Impact Mapping session. It can help articulate product vision and ambitions
  • It is also a good transition from a vision into a more concrete description of expected product/service design, e.g. through Event Storming
  • It can provide interesting input for Value Proposition and Lean Canvas

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