Mob Programming

Like pair programming but with the whole team

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Development Team

What is it?

Mob programming is a practice where the whole team comes together to implement a feature or piece of functionality.

This practice can also be used as Mob learning when you quickly want to share new information that everyone in the team needs.

Why use it?

Ensures the whole team understands how a specific feature is implemented or problem is solved. It can also be a quick way to onboard new team members.

How to do it?

Mob programming involves the whole team working on a single piece of functionality at the same time. The easiest way to mob program is to have one team member driving a laptop that is connected to a large screen or projector.

The person behind the keyboard and mouse is usually called “Driver” and the others would be “Navigators”. This role should be rotated if working on implementation. When using this practice for knowledge sharing then rotation is not necessary.

The whole team then implement the feature together by talking through the development together.

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