Domain Driven Design

What is it? A set of guiding principles that together form a mindset about building software, often abbreviated as DDD. The concept was introduced by Eric Evans, and the original textbook was published in 20132. The Domain Driven Design perspective is not reductionist, but rather embraces the notion that software development is part of a much larger and complex socio-technical system. As a result, many practices for managing the complexities of software development, like Event Storming, Behavior Driven Development, and Domain Story Telling, have their roots in the DDD community. »

Product Ownership

What is it? A practice that focuses development on products and associated business outcomes of those products. Primarily product ownership is about enabling a collaboration between development teams members of a product and all the stakeholders, users and any affected by that product. Supported by many other practices to maximise and prioritise business and customer value of features incrementally built into products. Why use it? Facilitates a connection between development teams and the products that deliver business and customer value. »