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Delivery practices focus on delivering the options you have decided on and getting feedback from the users and stakeholders.

What was the measured impact? What did you learn?

4Ls Retrospective

A team activity to understand what was liked, learned, lacked, and longed for at the completion of a sprint or project.

Agile Health Check

A quick team assessment based on agile manifesto principles


Cloud native applications reacting to demand.

Blue Green Deployments

Always have a fall back solution

Canary Release

Exposing a small number of real users to a new version

Code Review

Also a review on the developer's ego

Cohort Analysis

Which group are you in?


A software package that contains everything the software needs to run.

Contract-First Development

Get agreement upfront when creating reusable services

Dark Launches

Letting a small group of interested users test features before others

Design Retro : Active

Improve the quality and usability of your product design

Docs As Code

Have the whole team deliver current, useful, documentation using the minimum of effort

Dual Track Delivery

A collaborative practice for developers and designers to build shared understanding in service of outcomes based delivery.

Expand and Contract Pattern

A pattern to help in modernisation and migration projects.

Funnel Analysis

Go all the way ... through the funnel

Guerilla Testing

Lean, agile and low-cost method of quickly capturing user feedback

Heuristic Evaluation

Provide expert review of UX designs

Iteration (Sprint) Planning

A collaborative meeting, where the Product Owner together with the team define the work and effort required to meet the Iteration (Sprint) goal.

Kanban Picture

The Kanban Picture suggests a "work dynamic" for teams starting with the Kanban Method.


Visualized workflow management method to maximize efficiency and become more agile.

Lightning Talks

Short, highly focused presentations

Plus, Minus, Interesting (PMI +-?)

A quick team retrospective, or way to evaluate ideas


Reflect, inspect and adapt ways of working to drive continuous team improvement

Rose, Thorn, Bud

Understand what's working, what's not, and areas of opportunity

Security checklist

Shift left security by running through a checklist during code review.


An event to demonstrate and show the outputs and outcomes of a team's work over a recent time period

Split Testing - A/B Testing

Quantitative testing of two alternative designs to learn which better leads to a specific goal

Split Testing - Multivari Testing

Quantitatively test how multiple factors influence the success of a design

Story Kick-offs

The act of explaining a story to the pair of developers right before they pick it up.

Story RePointing

Improve Story Pointing over time

Technical Debt

The cost of reworking quickly implemented solutions

UI Design Workshop

Quickly sketch rough ideas for the user interface.

Usability Testing

Observe and learn from real users

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