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Discovery practices start with the current as-is state and help you ask important questions about outcomes.

Why are you doing this? What problems are you trying to solve, and for whom? How will you measure the results?

5 Elements Canvas

Building empathy and collaboration between silos to solve complex problems.

6 Dimensions of Discovery

Gather, document, sort and prioritise our challenges and bright spots across 6 dimensions.

Abstraction Laddering

Reconsider a problem statement by broadening or narrowing its focus

AEIOU Observation Framework

A heuristic framework used for ethnographic observations.

Backcasting / Pre-mortem (Premortem)

Performing a project or product premortem

Business Priorities Exercise

Business Priorities

Crazy 8s

A fast sketching exercise to generate solution ideas

Lightning Decision Jam

A workshop to solve any problem, with any amount of people

Design The Box

From ideas to essential features and outcomes

Domain Storytelling

Learn domain language. Talk about requirements. Tell domain stories.

Dominating Forces

Surface risks and issues, identify metrics, and define the impact of strategy execution before it starts.

Empathy Mapping

A collaborative tool for gaining insight about humans (customers, users, stakeholders, etc.).

Event Modeling

To model Event-Driven Software Systems

Tormenta de eventos

Un método rápido e interactivo de descubrir los procesos de negocio.

Event Storming

A rapid, interactive approach to business process discovery and design that yields high quality models

Experience Mapping for Agile

Understand individuals' actual experience through a process, to identify priorities from a new prespective

Formal Relational Contract

Govern highly complex relationships that demand collaboration and flexibility which exist in an ecosystem


Looking to the future

How Might We _____ ?

Turning insights into questions that spur creative solutioning

Impact Mapping

An engaging, graphical, strategic planning technique

Kano Model

Easily visualize and explain the impact and priority of different features

Lean Canvas

A 1-page business plan template to help you focus on problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages.

Lean UX Workshop

Solve real problems for real users

Lean Value Tree

A simple tool to align people and initiatives across all levels of the business

Metrics Based Process Mapping

Map your process in detail and collect key baseline metrics

Motivation Mapping

Understanding the motivation

News Headlines aka Cover Story

From idea to essential product features and outcomes

Non-Functional Requirements Map

A collaborative approach for capturing non-functional requirements

Opportunity Solution Tree

Show how your product solutions map back to a desired outcome

Priority Sliders

Facilitate conversations about relative priorities to focus upcoming activities


Define your target users

Service Blueprint

A business process diagram analyzed from the people perspective.

Silent Brainstorming / Brainwriting

Generate greater diversity of ideas and foster inclusivity

Spaghetti Wall

An always-open space for collaborating on new problems and ideas

Stakeholder Map

Create a stakeholders map to build a communication plan

Stakeholders Interview

Help identify concrete objectives, targets and main priority areas

Start At The End

Describe what success looks like and use this to define the goal of effort

Start With Why

Connect to your purpose

System Diagram

A method for describing a system at the highest level possible

Target Outcomes

Capture and articulate the goals and outcomes a team are striving to deliver

The Big Picture

A simple workshop for getting shared understanding in a complex space

Threat Modeling

A practice to learn What Could Go Wrong and What Are We Going To Do About It

Where to Start

Solve the problem of choosing properly which product should be treated in a digital transformation journey

Whole Product Plotting

A visual approach for scoping the most important features of a product/service.

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